Adventure Travel Marketing – We recognise you want to learn more about TrekTraka before you contact us. The following resources provide a range of introductory materials to help you consider how TrekTraka might help your business.

2 Minute Video Introduction to TrekTraka

This video outlines the marketing role of TrekTraka and how it provides adventure travel operator with pervasive marketing access to large and already established social network communities.

  • What is TrekTraka?

    This paper provides a brief overview of the role and operation of TrekTraka as a social media marketing system. It outlines how TrekTraka makes almost real-time location of treks and a wealth of engaging multi-media content available to Friends and Followers of trek participants via the key social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

    Format: PDF (416 kb)

  • The Power of Social Media?

    This paper provides a high level outline of social media as a means of communication, information sharing and marketing tools. It briefly explains the main categories of social media, identifies the most important social media platforms and talks about their implications for adventure travel operators. This paper provides the first step in the social media marketing journey for adventure travel operators.

    Format: PDF (404 kb)

  • TrekTraka – Pervasive Social Network Marketing

    This paper looks at how many adventure travel operators currently utilize social network marketing and identifies some method inefficiencies. In particular it points out that many operators are barely penetrating the massive social media community already online. In fact, many operator’s current approach just talks to their same group of past clients again and again and has limited ability to widely expand market awareness of the operator and its travel products.

    Format: PDF (394 kb)

  • Marketing Effort and Reach – How TrekTraka Performs

    This paper looks at a number of approaches to social network marketing and considers the effort they require to implement verses the communication reach they often achieve.
    The paper contrasts the common approaches using Facebook, blogs and Twitter and compares the results achievable on the same social media platforms if driven by the TrekTraka adventure travel marketing system.

    Format: PDF (313 kb)

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Adventure Travel Marketing - TrekTraka helps adventure travel operators vastly increase their market awareness, increase sale enquiries and reduce new client acquisition costs.