Why TrekTraka

The first social network marketing system designed specifically for adventure travel operators

Adventure Travel Marketing – TrekTraka taps deeply into the social network of Friends and Followers of clients on your treks or tours.  With TrekTraka a single trek or tour can bring a thousand or more new sales prospects to your website with the thought in mind, “Hey, I want to do that too”.

What is TrekTraka?

Today’s travellers are already deeply socially networked. Just about everyone consuming some form of adventure travel product has dozens, or perhaps hundreds, of their friends and contacts already linked to them and following them on social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

Travellers want to share their experiences

The whole reason people sign-up to social media is to let their friends, and the world, know what they are doing and to share their experiences.  TrekTraka helps share amazing travel experiences.
TrekTraka links your client’s already extensive social networks with their real-time location on your trek or tour. Much more than that, TrekTraka delivers truly engaging information that lets the friends and followers share in the adventure travel experience, and most likely come to the conclusion, “Hey, I want to do that too.”

Location is the key

TrekTraka uses the real-time GPS location of an individual trek or tour as a trigger for issuing posts to social media platforms.
TrekTraka uses the SPOT personal location beacon to provide near-real-time location of trek or tour parties. Geo-referenced locations are set to trigger social media posts that are instantly posted on the social media pages of your clients on the trek.

Real-time location is the key to TrekTraka generating interesting and engaging social media posts that family, friends and followers actively consume, engage with and share with others in an ever-widening social network sphere of contacts.

All roads lead to greater product awareness

A single TrekTraka post may go out to the Facebook and Twitter pages of say 20 of your customers on a trek. These 20 customers could easily have 1,500 Friends and Followers. With TrekTraka all 1,500 of these friends and followers will know exactly where their adventurous friend is at that moment on their trek or tour and share in the experience of the moment – a river rapid just conquered; a mountain peak just climbed; or a day’s amazing journey completed. And every post brings the friend or follower back to the travel operator’s website containing the trek progress map and other product marketing content. No wonder friends and followers start saying, “Hey, I want to do that too.”

Great content made simple

TrekTraka lets operators pre-create a wide range of text, photo, video or audio content that can be utilised again and again as subsequent treks or tours retrace a travel route. Create content once and use it many times. And fresh content just for today’s trek can be just as easily created with TrekTraka and posted to enhance the real-time sharing of experiences and build follower engagement.

Social media marketing without the staffing demand

TrekTraka delivers adventure travel operators the ultimate marketing double whammy. It vastly reduces the staff time required to build and maintain a social media communications strategy. And it taps directly into the already established and extensive social networks of their current clients. And it delivers rich engaging content your clients want to share with their friends.

So What is TrekTraka?

TrekTraka is a social network marketing system.  At is core is web-delivered software that travel operators use invite their trekking clients to share their location and trek experiences with their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn friends and followers.  One click on an e-mail from the operator is about all it takes for your clients to get their friends sharing almost every step they take.  Your trek leader then pops a SPOT Messenger beacon in his or her backpack and leads your trek to any place on Earth.  SPOT sends back trek locations every ten minutes.  Friends and followers can watch the trek progress on a map on your website.  And you can attach a wealth of trek information and marketing content to the map.  TrekTraka also automates the dispatch of pre-configured, or instant write-&-send, posts to clients Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.  These informative and engaging posts all direct recipients back to your website trek-map and its associated marketing content.  It’s all a quick, easy and efficient process, and a power marketing strategy.   And your clients and their friends will love it and love your company too.

TrekTraka opens a new era in adventure travel marketing.

Adventure Travel Marketing - TrekTraka helps adventure travel operators vastly increase their market awareness, increase sale enquiries and reduce new client acquisition costs.